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  • Alexander Dietz
    Feb 1, 2010

      I have a problem with vim I could not solve after extensive googling and trying out. I am using vi on a xterm and whenever I try to use backspace to delete the character LEFT of the cursor, the RIGHT character is deleted. There is no difference between the backspace and delete key. How can I change to the desired behaviour?
      I tried a lot, including:

       set backspace=indent,eol,start
       set nocompatible
       set smartindent
       imap backspace <C-h>
       map! backspace <C-h>
       set backspace=2
       set bs=2
       set t_kb=<C-H>
       set backspace=^h

      and combinations of it. Nothing works, and sometimes I get the ^? sequence instead.
      Also now I even cannot mark any text with my mouse in vi. I guess I have changed something in the .vimrc which I should not have. Any ideas how to fix my .vimrc? I have pastes the actual version below:


      " copy from here start of .vimrc
      " comment: <press CTRL+V><press backspace> mean you must to press these keys in that order

      "set t_kb=<press CTRL+V><press backspace>

      set nocompatible
      "set backspace=indent,eol,start
      ":set backspace=2
      " to have mouse enabled in normal mode
      set mouse=n

          " enter spaces when tab is pressed:
          set expandtab
          " do not break lines when line lenght increases
          set textwidth=0
          " user 4 spaces to represent a tab
          set tabstop=4
          set softtabstop=4
          " number of space to use for auto indent
          " you can use >> or << keys to indent current line or selection
          " in normal mode.
          set shiftwidth=4
          " Copy indent from current line when starting a new line.
          set autoindent
          " makes backspace key more powerful.
          "set backspace=indent,eol,start
          " shows the match while typing
          set incsearch
          " case insensitive search
          set ignorecase
          " show line and column number
          set ruler
          " show some autocomplete options in status bar
          set wildmenu

          " automatically save and restore folds
          au BufWinLeave * mkview
          au BufWinEnter * silent loadview

          syntax on

          " this lets us put the marker in the file so that
          " it can be shared across and stored in version control.
          set foldmethod=marker
          " this is for python, put
          " # name for the folded text # {{{
          " to begin marker and
          " # }}}
          " close to end it.
          set commentstring=\ #\ %s
          " default fold level, all open, set it 200 or something
          " to make it all closed.
          set foldlevel=0

          " share clipboard with windows clipboard
          set clipboard+=unnamed

          " set viminfo='100,f1
          " minibufexplorer settings:j
          let g:miniBufExplMapWindowNavArrows = 1
          let g:miniBufExplMapCTabSwitchWindows = 1

          "set backspace=indent,eol,start
          "set nocompatible
          "set smartindent
          imap backspace <C-h>
          "#map! backspace <C-h>
          set nocompatible
          set backspace=2
          set bs=2
          "set t_kb=<C-H>
          "set backspace=^h

      " copy to here end of .vimrc

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