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110246Re: How to compile with guifont ?

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  • pansz
    Dec 14, 2009
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      Timothy Madden 写道:
      > Hello
      > I compiled vim on a debian server and installed in in my home folder
      > (~/usr/local),
      > but the resulting executable can see no fonts when I press Tab on
      > :set guifont=<Tab>
      > and the default font is looking too condensed. The Edit menu has no GUI Font
      > entry.

      X11-Athena is the fallback when no other gui toolkit found, perhaps all
      you need is the gtk-dev related dependency. with a full-featured gtk
      version you will be able to set gui font.

      simply run the following to install the dependencies:

      sudo apt-get build-dep vim

      then configure your vim and make. that should work for your debian.

      try it.

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