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109889Re: How to compile with guifont ?

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  • Timothy Madden
    Dec 2, 2009
      :set guifont=*

      Works on Win32, GTK, Mac OS and Photon. Looks like I have none of
      Thank you for the answers. I think I have to leave this problem as it
      is for
      now ...

      Thank you,
      Timothy Madden

      On Dec 1, 1:34 pm, Mikael Eriksson <mikael_eriks...@...> wrote:
      > On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 03:59:37PM +0200, Timothy Madden wrote:
      > > Hello
      > > I compiled vim on a debian server and installed in in my home folder
      > > (~/usr/local),
      > > but the resulting executable can see no fonts when I press Tab on
      > >    :set guifont=<Tab>
      > That doen't work i think, but you can use
      > :set guifont=*
      > to get a nice font selection dialog.

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