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108160Re: How to separate consecutive highlighted matches?

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  • Tim Chase
    Oct 1, 2009
      > function ToggleHLSearch()
      > if &hls
      > set nohls
      > else
      > set hls
      > endif
      > endfunction
      > nmap <silent> <C-n> :silent call ToggleHLSearch()<CR>

      As an aside, this can be simplified using the "inv"erse notation
      for any boolean setting, written as either

      :set invhls


      :set hls!

      I use this regularly with 'list' to toggle between set/unset with
      ":set list!" which is documented in the help at the bottom of the

      :help E518


      > But if I have consecutive matches, it is still not easy to see how
      > many matches there are. In particular, '\t' can occupy different
      > length of spaces, depending the context. Therefore, I would like the
      > highlight be nonconsecutive (for example, one pixel with between two
      > matches is not highlighted).

      To the best of my knowledge, I don't believe you can do this,
      especially in non-GUI vim -- character-cells don't have spacing,
      and if they did, you'd get gaps between *all* the cells in the
      highlighted range. The best I could come up with was to use the
      \zs or \ze token in the regexp to tell vim when to start/stop
      highlighting to omit the delimiting space/tab character from
      being highlighted.


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