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108155:vertical causes Vim to shift "extended" monitors

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  • David Fishburn
    Oct 1, 2009
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      Vim 7.2.
      Included patches: 1-245
      Win XP SP3

      I have a laptop and a monitor.
      I use the Windows feature which allows me to "extend" my screen to the
      other monitor.

      I have been doing this for some time and I always have my extended
      monitor to the "right" side of my laptop (which is the main screen, it
      has the taskbar).

      Anyway, I just moved my extended screen so that it is above my
      existing monitor instead of to the right of it.

      Now I have noticed a strange behaviour.

      If I move Vim to be in the extended monitor above my laptop, then I
      have these values:

      :echo getwinposx() getwinposy()
      -15 -1183

      If I run this command:

      My current window is split horizontally.
      Everything is good.

      But, if I run this command:
      :vertical split

      Then my Vim snaps back into my laptop screen and splits vertically.

      :echo getwinposx() getwinposy()
      0 0

      So, I don't see any reason why adding the "vertical" keyword should
      change the behaviour.
      Of course, I don't want it to do this either since toggling the
      Taglist plugin does a vertical split so this has become a real pain in
      the butt.

      I would consider this a bug, but thought I would check here first.

      Any suggestions?


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