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107361Re: improving the :join command

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Sep 14, 2009
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      Hi Tony!

      On Mi, 09 Sep 2009, Tony Mechelynck wrote:

      > tens of seconds); if you want to join a gigabazillion lines into
      > one, Vim can do it -- but expect it to take hours or even days
      > rather than seconds, and at, oh, let's say 99.5% CPU time. It's not
      > even a hang -- it's just that you gave it an enormous task to which
      > it is ill-suited, and it's uncompainingly and patiently grinding at
      > it; when it's finished, it will wait for the next command -- if by
      > then you haven't lost patience and interruped it or killed it. To

      Tony, please read the documentation provided with the plugin or at the
      plugin page and try out the test case I have been given. And then tell
      me again, that this does not sound like a bug.

      Just the fact, that it is possible to improve the join command using vim
      scripting language gives strong evidence, that it is a bug indeed.

      > efficiently join all lines of a big file, use some program such as
      > tr, which looks at the file characterwise rather than linewise and
      > makes a single pass through it. You can even use it from within Vim,
      > of course (see ":help filter").

      see above and please read the provided documentation.


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