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107022Re: Use terminal colors in GUI Vim?

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  • Patrick Gen-Paul
    Sep 1, 2009
      Matt Wozniski wrote:

      > Well, you can probably tell that I was bored today... but here's a
      > port of the 16-color-terminal default colorscheme to gvim. Just
      > change the block of colors (the "let" lines..) to match your
      > terminal's colors (they're colors 0 through 15, in order, fwiw).
      > Hopefully gmail doesn't wrap this on me... In fact, just in case it
      > does, I've attached it as well - so there will be a plain text,
      > archivable copy in the list archives and a not-horribly-wrapped copy
      > in subscriber's inboxes. Sorry I can't disable wrapping ATM. :)


      Thanks for the feedback.

      Do not deride such efforts - and yours in particular. Stuff like that is
      quite valuable in terms of introducing low-level vim users like myself
      to vim scripting / customization.

      An obvious limitation is that nobody is going to want to type in their
      rrggbb's - even 16 of them.. And some folks have 256 colors terminals.

      I plan to take a closer look at your port, tomorrow I hope.



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