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107011RE: improving the :join command

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  • Gene Kwiecinski
    Sep 1, 2009
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      >as you may know, :join suffers from a serious performance issue, when
      >joining many lines ( in the order of 10 thousands or more lines).

      No disrespect intended, but *why* in B'Harni's Dark Name would you want
      to join >10000 lines into 1?!?

      Any 'vi' variant is a *line*-based editor, which presumed a modest
      line-size for each. Juggling lines back and forth is easy, but heaving
      huge MB-sized chunks o' text is just obscene. Add to that syntax-based
      highlighting, multiple colors, etc., and all the processing required for
      just *1* line adds exponentially to the amount of work involved, let
      alone cursor motions, etc.

      Dunno, but to me, that seems like using a text editor to edit a .jpg or
      .gif or something, ie, not the right tool for the job, even if, through
      herculean contortions and torturing the editor's functionality, it *can*
      be done.

      I'd, if anything, edit the file as needed, save it, then use 'sed',
      'tr', etc., to post-process it accordingly. No overhead for syntax,
      colorschemes, etc. Ie, use the right tool for the job.

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