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107008Re: Use terminal colors in GUI Vim?

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  • Charles Campbell
    Sep 1 9:17 AM
      Patrick Gen-Paul wrote:
      > I used ":hi + copy/paste" to create a color scheme that reflects my
      > xterm's default colors.
      > Pleas find attached the color scheme file I created manually via
      > copy/paste and a few substitutions + the relevant stanza of my
      > .Xdefaults file so all you need to do is replace my terminal color
      > definitions by yours.
      > :%s/#iiiiii/#jjjjjj/g (e.g.)
      > Would be nice if someone could suggest an automated solution, though.
      The hicolors plugin can help with this:

      (cutting edge)
      http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=1081 (stable)

      I used simple.vimrc:
      set nocp
      syn on
      filetype plugin on

      and the following:

      vim -u simple.vimrc
      :he hicolors
      (place cursor atop a color) <cr>
      (place cursor atop "WriteColorscheme") <cr>
      (pick a name for the colorscheme)

      Chip Campbell

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