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106285Possible bug in ":match" when using marks?

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  • googler
    Aug 1, 2009
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      Let me describe two scenarios.

      First scenario:
      I have made a visual selection of a text part and pressed 'Esc'. Now I
      want to highlight this selection. So I do
      :match ErrorMsg /\%'<\_.*\%'>/
      This will highlight the text I had selected earlier. So far so good.
      Now I make another visual selection in the same window. I see that
      this new selection gets highlighted (which it should), but the
      previously highlighted section is still highlighted. I would assume
      that it would not be highlighted any more after I made another visual
      selection, because the marks '< and '> have got redefined.

      Second scenario:
      I define two marks a and b in my text using ma and mb. Now I want to
      highlight the text between these marks. So I do
      :match ErrorMsg /\%'a\_.*\%'b/
      This has the desired effect as the text between the marks a and b gets
      highlighted. Now, I redefine these marks a and b to point to a
      different part of the text. I see that the section highlighted earlier
      is not highlighted any more (which is as I had expected), but the
      section of the text between the new definition of marks a and b is not
      highlighted either (I had expected that it would get highlighted).
      However, if I do "echo getmatches()", the match command that I had
      entered earlier still shows up.

      So clearly, the behavior is different with the two types of marks. Is
      this a bug?

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