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103893Re: autoindent: spaces and tabs

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  • Y. Hida
    Apr 30, 2009
      On 2009-05-01, StarWing <weasley_wx@...> wrote:
      > On 5月1日, 上午4时36分, "Y. Hida" <eigensol...@...> wrote:
      >> Hi,
      >> I have a question regarding auto-indenting. Suppose I have a line
      >> whose indent is a mix of tabs and spaces, like following:
      >> ____....blah blah
      >> where ____ is a tab and . is a space. When I insert a new line after
      >> this vim either inserts only tabs, so I get
      >> ____....blah blah
      >> ________
      >> Is there a way to just copy the indentation so that I get something
      >> like:
      >> ____....blah blah
      >> ____....
      >> instead? I like using this kind of indenting to give flexibility to
      >> adjust tab widths without messing up other alignments, so that I can do
      >> something like
      >> ____void func(some very long arguments,
      >> ____..........more arguments aligned
      >> ____..........even more arguments aligned)
      >> without manually fixing the indentations each time.
      >> -Yozo
      > see :h 'ci', you will find the answer:-)

      Thanks! I didn't know about copyindent option. In retrospect, I should
      haved grepped the vim help files before asking.


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