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102994Re: Automatic tab stops

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  • Ben Fritz
    Apr 1, 2009
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      On Apr 1, 4:31 am, Tobia Conforto <tobia.confo...@...> wrote:

      > If 'tabstop' accepted a list of numbers (eg. set tabstop=11,7) I could  
      > easily write this feature as a plugin, watching every editing  
      > operation and recomputing the list of tabstops on the fly.  But alas,  
      > I cannot seem to find support for this in Vim.
      > Does anyboy have any idea?

      Well...it isn't as nice, but can't you script this as a plugin anyway?
      It seems like even less work to set the tabstop on the fly to one
      greater than whatever the maximum number of characters between tab
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