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102993Re: Creating a new undo block

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  • Ben Fritz
    Apr 1 1:31 PM
      On Apr 1, 12:31 pm, Spiros Bousbouras <spi...@...> wrote:

      > > so you'd do something like
      > >    imap <f1> <c-g>u<esc>:call Add_line()<cr>
      > This works , thank you. Anyone knows if it's possible to achieve
      > the same effect from within a script ?

      I have this in my .vimrc, to create undo blocks on the rare occasions
      I leave Vim sitting in insert mode (usually by accident):

      > autocmd CursorHoldI * call feedkeys("\<C-G>u", "nt")

      :help feedkeys()

      I'm not sure in what other contexts this could be used.
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