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102946RE: selecting a URL

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  • Gene Kwiecinski
    Mar 31, 2009
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      >>Yeah, that would be very nice. I'm manually editing plain text into
      >>HTML, and dealing with hundreds of unquoted URLs set into sentences
      >>and terminated with periods, commas, dashes, unmatched closing parens,
      >>and worse.

      >There was an article on Codding Horror not long ago discussing this.
      >What do you do if a URL ends in an end-parenthesis? It could be part
      >of the url or not! Wikipedia is especially bad about this.

      Not to sound flip about it, but there's only so much you can do to guard
      against retardery. If someone *insists* on including, bad enough
      spaces, but *punctuation* into filenames and complete urls, then *he's*
      the one with the problem. Garbage in, garbage out. If the link gets
      screwed up so that it's broken (ie, can't click-through it), then too

      I always try to separate urls with at least a space, eg, at the end of a
      sentence, so there's no confusion whether/not that trailing dot belongs.

      Me personally, I wouldn't worry about trying to contort a 'vim' script
      to deal with crap like that.

      But *publishers* (like wiki) who merge urls with other surrounding
      text/punctuation? That's unforgiveable. Someone should edit the
      page/entry itself to fix it.

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