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102902Hybrid Syntax File?

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  • Rich Healey
    Mar 30, 2009
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      (Apologies if this double posts, I suspect that my first post will not
      make it here, I sent it from an unsubscribed address by accident)

      I suspect this has been asked before but I’m struggling to find out
      how to do what I want.

      I’m writing trigger functions for my postgreSQL database using
      plPython, what this means is that I want vim to highlight everything
      up until a line with just


      As SQL, then it should highlight everything until the next $BODY$ line
      as Python.

      The $BODY$ convention is mine, I would like longterm to make it a bit
      more flexible so that I can distribute it without the ugly caveat of
      having to adhere to my conventions.

      I've got the sql.vim and python.vim files open and am looking through
      them, but I can't see any obvious way to make it switch at the

      Thanks in advance for your help,

      Rich Healey

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