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101985Re: for [k,v] in items(dict): Bug? Design?

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  • Maxim Kim
    Mar 2, 2009
      > Just tried:
      > let lst = ["hello", []]
      > for value in lst
      > endfor
      > Gives me the same error.
      > I'd expect it to do :unlet key, :unlet value before each iteration.

      He he.
      Note on :h for made it clear.

      >>Note that the type of each list item should be
      >>identical to avoid errors for the type of {var}
      >>changing. Unlet the variable at the end of the loop
      >>to allow multiple item types.

      I have to unlet variables explicitly:
      let lst = ["hello", []]
      for value in lst
      unlet value

      This is inconvenient but usable. :)

      Just curious, why for loop implemented that way?
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