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100971Re: echo shown nothing before a dialog

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  • John Little
    Feb 2, 2009
      On Feb 2, 1:35 am, Vincent Birebent asked:
      > When I source that:
      > The first "Hey!" shows, but none of the following echos. It leaves  
      > blank lines instead. It works on regular vim...

      Works for me, sort of. Do you mean you have a problem with gvim, but
      it works for console vim?

      With console vim, I get an extra blank line, f. ex.:


      Not getting near an answer...

      Because I'm asking
      (W)hy not?, Becau(S)e, [Q]uit:

      With gvim, I get the echoed text on the last line (if I click the
      first or second button), but there's an extra blank line inserted,
      pushing vim's displayed text and status line up the screen; clunky.
      After Quit gvim redraws correctly.

      Regards, John

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