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100970Re: Auto-complete in substitution

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  • StarWing
    Feb 2, 2009
      maybe you can build a tag file, and define a command that has tag-
      complete feature
      :h :command-completion

      or you can save something into register
      or you can only search(there are search history, you can only press
      <up> to get elder search), and use %s//.../g to substitute.
      or you can save all command into a register, and @..
      let @z="%s/abc/def/g\<CR>"
      and press @z to substitute.

      there are many ideas, you must tell us what do you want to do exactly.

      On 2月2日, 下午4时27分, Nicolas Aggelidis <n.aggeli...@...> wrote:
      > hi to all the list!
      > I want to ask if it possible to have auto-complete feature with the
      > substitute command....
      > Many times i want some long variable names, and i miss having the
      > autocomplete....
      > a workaround would be to use a named register (or the default) but
      > this requires that
      > you copy stuff prior to substituting + to use a lot more keystrokes...
      > is there anyway to enable auto-complete, or a faster work around?
      > best regards,
      > nicolas
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