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100036Re: Vim and Bash-scripts navigation

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  • Nicolas Aggelidis
    Jan 5, 2009
      On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 7:56 PM, Marc Weber <marco-oweber@...> wrote:
      >> the problem is that i want to navigate quickly in those files [that
      >> may have 500-1000 lines]. From what
      >> i see in the exuberant ctags website
      >> [http://ctags.sourceforge.net/languages.html%5d, bash isn't in the
      >> supported languages.
      > What do you mean by navigate?
      > One way is tags, another is something like the TToC plugin (vim.org) or
      > the alternative found in tovl.
      > The idea is to get a filtered view of the file only containing important
      > thinigs such as function definitions and filter that by some regex.
      > Finally select an item thereby jumping to it's location.
      > Another fast thing to navigate is remembering the last chars of a func
      > name and jump to the funct jump() by /p() (this works incredibly well in
      > most cases..)
      > Some people do also use folding..
      > About vim files: For autoload scripts I've written a small vim parser
      > extracting function locations from all files found in
      > runtimepath/autoload so that I can use function completion and and jump
      > to function location by pressing gf on the function.
      > If you do a lot of vimscript scripting we should get in touch.
      > Ping me on irc if you think I can help you setting one of those
      > solutions up.
      > Sincerly
      > Marc Weber

      Thank you Marc for your suggestions,they were really helpful and i
      will incorporate in my editing habits!
      i current work as a release engineer so i do alot of bash scripting
      {mainly for regression testing}, but i am a real newbie when it comes
      to vimscript...

      thanks again for all the answers,

      PS: sorry i answered so late, but i was in my hometown and i didn't
      have access to mail.

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