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100017Re: How can I verbatim use # character in command line?

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  • pansz
    Jan 4, 2009
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      Charles E. Campbell, Jr. 写道:
      >> The shellescape() function will add single quotes to the string, which
      >> makes the command unusable, for example:
      >> :!echo test
      >> should work.
      >> :!'echo test'
      >> will not run at all.
      >> Anyway to disable shellescape() from adding single quotes to the string?
      >> Or is it possible to run the string with single quotes?
      > Hmm, sorry 'bout that -- in the current case, please try the
      > fnameescape() function.
      > Regards,
      > Chip Campbell

      Hmm, fnameescape makes no difference, it adds backslash to the command
      and that will also make bash treat the whole command as a file name. for

      :!echo\ test

      doe not work.

      my mapping is now:

      nnoremap <C-K> 0y$:!<C-R>=fnameescape(@0)<cr><cr>

      When I want to execute commands in a bash shell file, the command line
      are ready to execute and things like spaces do not need to be quoted.

      My current solution is the following, I think there should be a better
      way though.

      function s:myescape(cmd)
      let l:esccmd = shellescape(a:cmd, 1)
      return strpart(l:esccmd, 1, strlen(l:esccmd)-2)
      nnoremap <C-K> 0y$:!<C-R>=<sid>myescape(@0)<cr><cr>

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