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100004Re: possible to make iskeyword supports multibyte charactor?

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  • bill lam
    Jan 3, 2009
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      On Sun, 04 Jan 2009, pansz wrote:
      > Interesting, I see the wide punctuation characters are recognized, so
      > vim is using wide character internally, and omitting some particular
      > wide-character from 'iskeyword' shouldn't be hard.
      > Then why the 'iskeyword' supports only characters from 0-255?

      Just wild guess since I've never looked into vim's source code. I
      think that iskeyword or spellcheck for that matter use FSM to
      implement the parser. It's ok to have a table of 256 characters but
      not so easy to work with a table of millions of unicode characters.
      A quick and dirty workaround is to coerce all non 8-bit characters as
      white space.

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