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  • Thanks for the comments, I think this will be a long-term question to find the answer. the platform is Linux/ubuntu 7.10 desktop with ZH_CN.UTF-8 locale The gvim is start from console without parameters. the output of :verbose set syntax is: syntax=xhtml 最近修改于 /usr/share/vim/vim71/syntax/syntax.vim when i lost syntax, i am editing HTML file contain javascript 在 2008-03...
    za Mar 23, 2008
  • Did you come upon this kind of trouble? my GVIM lose syntax hightlighting oftenly. especially when I switch to another tab or buffer I checked the plugins i used for filetypes or global, no extras besides native things there, or maybe I once put in and then forgot? by the way, I always edit .html, php, .c, .java files in same time, this seems to heavy the problem, which is really...
    za Mar 14, 2008