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Re: Re: How can set VIM to show single utf-8 characters as singlecharacters?

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  • Ken Wolf
    ... 04:55AM ... and ... the ... characters? ... - Are you using gvim or console vim? - What is termencoding set to? Rationale: The gui can display any
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2003
      >>> "Antoine J. Mechelynck" <antoine.mechelynck@...> 06/10/03
      04:55AM >>>
      Ken Wolf <Ken.Wolf@...> wrote:
      > After downloading vim-6.2.tar.bz2,
      > compiling with CONF_OPT_MULTIBYTE = --enable-multibyte,
      > and starting VIM with fileencoding and encoding set to utf-8,
      > I can insert a utf-8 paragraph character from insert
      > mode by typing ^K and then PI (PI is a digraph) or by typing ^V and
      > then 182
      > In both cases, the correct two characters are inserted (ascii 194
      > 182) but they display as two characters instead of as one character.
      > When I go to the second of the two displayed characters and type x
      > character after my two characters is deleted!
      > I am working in a Reflection X for Windows NT (version 8.0.2) telnet
      > window to a SunOS (version 5.8) machine.
      > How can set VIM to show single utf-8 characters as single
      > thanks,
      > Ken Wolf

      - Are you using gvim or console vim?
      - What is 'termencoding' set to?

      Rationale: The gui can display any Unicode codepoint if your 'guifont'
      has a
      glyph for it (and 'encoding' is set to some Unicode value, represented
      internally by UTF-8). Most console terminals can display only a limited
      of characters at a time, in many cases only one codepage of 256 glyphs
      less. If you're using console vim, and your current codepage (or
      doesn't include the character you want to display, then you're out of

      I'm not sure how the use of telnet could change what I said above.
      someone else could help you better, maybe in the main vim ML.




      The issue encountered is with console vim.

      My .vimrc file contains
      :set encoding=utf-8
      :set fileencoding=utf-8
      :set termencoding=utf-8

      My console vim can display the symbol - I know this because the
      the incorrect display in my vim contains the correct display.
      In other words my incorrect display has the char I want to display and
      another char.
      This is because the display is a capital A with a hat accent followed
      by the paragraph symbol
      which is due to the fact that the paragraph symbol in extended ascii is
      decimal 182 and in UTF-8 it is decimal 194 followed by decimal 182.

      Ken Wolf
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