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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Good point. When two Vims use a different encoding then copy/paste between them won t work. ... Conversion between encoding and utf-8 will not always
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 16 1:12 AM
      Seer26 wrote:

      > Well I was testing gvim's clipboard behavior I came
      > across a small problem: gvim's cannot cut&paste
      > between each other across disparate encodings.
      > The problem seems to be that _VIM_TEXT has no encoding
      > standard, its just whatever happens to be in the buffer.

      Good point. When two Vims use a different 'encoding' then copy/paste
      between them won't work.

      > I was thinking _VIM_TEXT could be a 1-byte motion-type,
      > then utf-8 text. There is no backwards compatibility to
      > break, because there is no standard atm, afaik.

      Conversion between 'encoding' and utf-8 will not always be possible.
      It's not backwards compatible either, since an older Vim expects no
      conversion (assuming you run two versions of Vim for some reason).

      This would require a new atom to be used for the clipboard, which
      includes the name of the encoding. The receiver of the clipboard can
      then attempt conversion. This isn't very difficult.

      > Also what is the best way to send a patch to the
      > list; mime attachments seem to get filtered, and inline
      > patches are mauled.

      Attachments should work as far as the maillist itself goes, but
      some sites do remove them. You can upload the patch somewhere and let
      us know the URL.

      > I havent looked at the non-gtk part yet. using ":gui" to
      > start the gui actually goes into gtk mode, so thats not
      > what I was looking for. It seems that "*p does work
      > from a console vim, so mine must be connecting to X
      > all the time. Does anyone know of a way to make vim
      > *not* connect to the xserver, so that "*p wont work?

      Start Vim with the -X option.

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