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Re: 3 XIM issues: imactivatekey, iminsert, and OnTheSpot

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... The imactivatekey option tells Vim the key that your XIM is using. It s not for changing that key. ... This sounds like a bug. When you set iminsert
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 11, 2001
      Steven Mueller wrote:

      > I'm using kinput2 for Japanese input into GTK gvim 6.0av on my
      > debian-sid x86 system. When I start vim, imactivatekey is unset.
      > However, I can still use shift-space or ctrl-o to enter mbyte input
      > mode if I do so during the first input session. Once I've hit
      > i<esc>i, I can no longer activate XIM. However, if I do
      > i<s-space>nanika<space><CR><esc> (ie, don't switch out of XIM mode
      > between inserts, I can switch in and out of XIM as long as I'm within
      > input mode). Now, if I set imactivatekey, I can reliably activate XIM
      > regardless of the mode, but only with s-space or c-o, regardless of
      > the seting of imactivatekey.

      The 'imactivatekey' option tells Vim the key that your XIM is using.
      It's not for changing that key.

      > Also, I don't quite understand the documentation in :help 'iminsert'.
      > It is unclear as to what the affect of setting iminsert should be,
      > especially since it seems to have no affect at all in my compile. Two
      > interpretations of "Specifies whether :lmap or an Input Method (IM) is
      > to be used in Insert mode" come to mind: 1) When set to 2, XIM will be
      > active upon entering insert mode, or 2) When set to 2, XIM is able to
      > be activated while in insert mode, otherwise it is disabled. Right
      > now, it seems to do neither, though it seems that 1 is the proper
      > interpretation. If I set it to '2' and enter insert mode, XIM is not
      > active. But when I hit <esc>, iminsert is once again set to 0. When
      > it is 0, though, I am still able to use XIM in insert mode, as long as
      > imactivatekey is set. But if I am in insert mode with XIM active and
      > hit <esc>, then imi=2, but upon entering insert mode again, XIM is not
      > active. Maybe better wording might be "Specifies whether :lmap or an
      > Input Method (IM) will be active when entering Insert mode."

      This sounds like a bug. When you set 'iminsert' to 2, XIM should be
      active when you enter Insert mode. You can switch XIM on/off while in
      Insert mode, and the resulting value should be stored in 'iminsert' when
      you press <Esc>. That appears to work correctly. But activating XIM
      when entering Insert mode apparently doesn't work. Hopefully someone
      knows how to fix this, I don't!

      On the other hand, if you didn't set the 'imactivatekey' option
      correctly, this may be the cause of this problem.

      > Finally, the documentation for input styles doesn't seem to be
      > accurate (unless it's just my misunderstanding of what's going on).
      > In the GTK version, XIM seems to be doing OnTheSpot editing, whereby
      > vim is taking part in pre-edited input placement and formatting.
      > However, under :Help xim-input-style, it is stated that "Currently,
      > GUI Vim support three style, |OverTheSpot|, |OffTheSpot| and
      > |Root|.".

      The documentation needs updating. The code was changed, but not all
      documentation was. I can't do it myself, since I know little about
      input methods. Volunteer?

      > On a more featuristic side-note, it would be nice if there
      > were another hilighting group for pre-edited text that has not yet
      > been set by hitting enter. It's still not visually clear as to
      > whether hitting shift-space is going to clear what was just typed
      > because you forgot to hit enter first. I believe Mozilla handles this
      > by underlining pre-edited text in red (as well as setting the
      > background of that text to white, though that may just be a stylistic
      > oversight).

      Let's first fix the bugs before adding new things.

      > These are just some issues I've been seeing for a while and wanted to
      > get cleared up before 6.0 comes out of beta. Thanks for listening!

      I'm not sure if someone will manage to fix these things soon. I'm
      thinking of disabling the 'iminsert' and associated options, because
      they are causing too much trouble. For someone who needs to type Asian
      characters it may be worth figuring out how to make it work, but for
      most people it should work without any settings.

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