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Re: Vim 6.0z, Chinese input problem

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... If you set encoding to chinese this will be aliased to euc-cn . ... Vim is not supposed to change characters. Unless you have termencoding set, in
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 7, 2001
      Stephan Hegel wrote:

      > I am using rxvt-2.7.2 (in GB encodings with switch -km gb) with
      > vim-6.0z. For input I use xcin-2.5.2. Encoding in vim is set to
      > "chinese".

      If you set 'encoding' to "chinese" this will be aliased to "euc-cn".

      > When I try to type in the Chinese character for "wo3" (English:
      > "I") in vim I get the wrong character displayed and finally saved.
      > Examining the file shows the encoding is 0xf6d2.
      > On the rxvt commandline the right character is displayed when typing
      > in via xcin. When I "echo" this character from the rxvt commandline
      > into a file I get another encoding: 0xced2.
      > Many other characters work fine, e.g. "zhong1" (English: "middle")
      > creates with both methods the same encoding 0xd6d0. And much more
      > hanzi work fine.
      > Since rxvt works I do not assume a problem with xcin or rxvt. I guess
      > there must be a small problem in vim ? Or did I miss something ?

      Vim is not supposed to change characters. Unless you have 'termencoding' set,
      in which case translation between 'termencoding' and 'encoding' is performed.

      What is your current locale set to? You can use ":lang" in Vim to find out.
      So, let's see the output of:

      :set encoding termencoding

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