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Re: Vim 7.4a ready for beta testing

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  • ZyX
    diff -r 1205c07d8df2 runtime/doc/version7.txt ... +++ b/runtime/doc/version7.txt Сб. июля 13 21:20:00 2013 +0400 @@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ Fixed |fixed-7.3|
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 13, 2013
      diff -r 1205c07d8df2 runtime/doc/version7.txt
      --- a/runtime/doc/version7.txt Сб. июля 13 16:57:24 2013 +0400
      +++ b/runtime/doc/version7.txt Сб. июля 13 21:20:00 2013 +0400
      @@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ Fixed |fixed-7.3|

      VERSION 7.4 |version-7.4|
      New regexp engine |new-regexp-engine|
      +Better vim ↔ python interface |new-python-interfac|
      Changed |changed-7.4|
      Added |added-7.4|
      Fixed |fixed-7.4|
      @@ -10182,16 +10183,168 @@ is now working fine. Previously Vim cou

      More information here: |two-engines|

      +Better vim ↔ python interface *new-python-interface*
      +Added |python-bindeval| function. Unlike |python-eval| this one returns
      + |python-Dictionary|, |python-List| and |python-Function| objects for
      + dictionaries lists and functions respectively in place of their python
      + built-in equivalents (or None if we are talking about function references).
      +For simple types this function returns python built-in types and not only
      + python `str()` like |python-eval| does. On python 3 it will return `bytes()`
      + objects in place of `str()` ones avoiding possibility of UnicodeDecodeError.
      +Interface of new objects mimics standard python `dict()` and `list()`
      + interfaces to some extent. Extent will be improved in the future.
      +Added special |python-vars| objects also available for |python-buffer| and
      +|python-window|. They ease access to VimL variables from python.
      +Now you no longer need to alter `sys.path` to import your module: special
      +hooks are responsible for importing from {rtp}/python2, {rtp}/python3 and
      +{rtp}/pythonx directories (for python 2, python 3 and both respectively).
      +See |python-special-path|.
      +Added possibility to work with |tabpage|s through |python-tabpage| object.
      +Added automatic conversion of vim errors and exceptions to python
      +Changed the behavior of |python-buffers| object: it now uses buffer numbers
      +as keys in place of the index of the buffer in the internal buffer list.
      +This should not break anything as the only way to get this index was
      +iterating over |python-buffers|.
      +Added |:pydo| and |:py3do| commands.
      +Added |pyeval()| and |py3eval()| functions.
      +Now in all places which previously accepted `str()` objects in both python
      +version both `str()` and `unicode()` (python 2) or `bytes()` and `str()`
      +(python 3) are accepted.
      +|python-window| has gained `.col` and `.row` attributes that are currently
      +the only way to get internal window positions.
      +Added or fixed support for `dir()` in vim python objects.
      +Old python versions (≤2.2) are no longer supported. Building with them did
      +not work anyway.

      Changed *changed-7.4*

      + Added ability to use |Dictionary-function|s for |sort()|ing, via
      + optional third argument. (Nikolay Pavlov)
      + Added special |expand()| argument that expands to the current line
      + number.
      + Made it possible to force |char2nr()| always give unicode codepoints
      + regardless of current encoding. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
      + Made it possible for functions generating file list generate |List|
      + and not NL-separated string. (e.g. |glob()|, |expand()|) (Christian
      + Brabandt)
      + Functions that obtain variables from the specific window, tabpage or
      + buffer scope dictionary can now return specified default value in
      + place of empty string in case variable is not found. (|gettabvar()|,
      + |getwinvar()|, |getbufvar()|) (Shougo Matsushita, Hirohito Higashi)
      + Added ability to automatically save selection into the system
      + clipboard when using non-GUI version of vim (autoselectplus in
      + 'clipboard'). Also added ability to use system clipboard as default
      + register (previously only primary selection could be used). (Ivan
      + Krasilnikov, Christian Brabandt, Bram Moolenaar)
      + Added special 'shiftwidth' value that makes 'sw' follow 'tabstop'. As
      + indenting via 'indentexpr' became tricky |shiftwidth()| function was
      + added. Also added equivalent special value to 'softtabstop' option.
      + (Christian Brabandt, so8res)
      + Added ability to delete comment leader when using |J| by `j` flag in
      + 'formatoptions' (|fo-table|). (Lech Lorens)
      + Added ability to control indentation inside namespaces: |cino-N|.
      + (Konstantin Lepa)
      + Added ability to control alignment inside `if` condition separately
      + from alignment inside function arguments: |cino-k|. (Lech Lorens)
      + Added ability to show absolute number in number column when
      + 'relativenumber' option is on. (Christian Brabandt)
      + Made it possible to remove all signs from the current buffer using
      + |:sign-unplace|. (Christian Brabandt)
      + Added |:language| autocompletion. (Dominique Pelle)
      + |:diffoff| now saves the local values of some settings and restores
      + them in place of blindly resetting them to the defaults. (Christian
      + Brabandt)
      + Added |:map-nowait| creating mapping which when having lhs that is the
      + prefix of another mapping’s lhs will not allow vim to wait for user to
      + type more characters to resolve ambiguity, forcing vim to take the
      + shorter alternative: one with <nowait>.
      + Added more |:command-complete| completion types: |:behave| suboptions,
      + color schemes, compilers, |:cscope| suboptions, files from 'path',
      + |:history| suboptions, locale names, |:syntime| suboptions, user
      + names. (Dominique Pelle)
      + Improved support for cmd.exe. (Ben Fritz, Bram Moolenaar)
      + Added |v:windowid| variable containing current window number in GUI
      + vim. (Christian J. Robinson, Lech Lorens)
      + Lua interface now also uses userdata binded to vim structures. (Taro
      + Muraoka, Luis Carvalho)
      + Added rxvt-unicode and >xterm-277 mouse support. (Yiding Jia, Hayaki
      + Saito)

      Added *added-7.4*

      +Added support for |Lists| and |Dictionaries| in |viminfo|. (Christian
      + Bitwise functions: |and()|, |or()|, |invert()|, |xor()|.
      + Added |luaeval()| function. (Taro Muraoka, Luis Carvalho)
      + Added |sha256()| function. (Tyru, Hirohito Higashi)
      + Added |wildmenumode()| function. (Christian Brabandt)
      + Debugging functions: |screenattr()|, |screenchar()|, |screencol()|,
      + |screenrow()|. (Simon Ruderich, Bram Moolenaar)
      + Added |InsertCharPre| event launched before inserting character.
      + (Jakson A. Aquino)
      + Added |CompleteDone| event launched after finishing completion in
      + insert mode. (idea by Florian Klein)
      + Added |QuitPre| event launched when commands that can either close vim
      + or only some window(s) are launched.
      + Added |TextChanged| and |TextChangedI| events launched when text is
      + changed.
      + |:syntime| command useful for debugging.
      + Made it possible to ignore case when completing: 'wildignorecase'.
      Various syntax, indent and other plugins were added.

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