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Re: vim56-p87 problem

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  • Sung-Hyun Nam
    ... Hello, I believe Bram s patch is correct. And it seems Bram s patch works fine. regards, namsh
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 6, 2000
      Taro Muraoka wrote:
      > Hello, Sung-Hyun Nam, Bram Moolenaar, and vim-multibyte.
      > > I have no problem if I do ':!cat file' (Don't know the routine
      > > called by this command).
      > > But multibyte corrupted if I do ':echo info'.
      > > (I did, let info='multibyte string').
      > There is lack of codes in patch-5.6.87. In patch I last sended to
      > vim-multibyte, it included patch to eval.c(do_echo).
      > Function do_echo() outputs bytes of message one by one, using function
      > msg_outtrans_len_attr(). Function msg_outtrans_len_attr() force outputs
      > a character at a time. When a lead byte of multibyte-character was
      > passed to msg_outtrans_len_attr(), it and additionally trail byte are
      > outputed. Then do_echo() try to output a trail byte of multibyte. It
      > cause confusion.


      I believe Bram's patch is correct. And it seems Bram's patch works


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