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Re: Match the BOM

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... To be still more pedantic, U+FFFE is part of the Unicode range, where it is listed as Not a character , i.e., it is one of the forbidden codepoints
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      On 20/11/08 13:04, Fran├žois Pinard wrote:
      > [Tony Mechelynck]
      >> On 19/11/08 18:34, zod wrote:
      >>> Does the BOM fall outside of the unicode range that vim's regex
      >>> engine uses or do I just have the syntax wrong?
      >> The BOM doesn't fall outside the Unicode range, it is not considered
      >> part of the text [...]
      > Just for the record (and to be pedantic), while the BOM is a Unicode
      > character, the reversed BOM is not part of Unicode. This is more
      > a philosophical detail than a technical issue. :-)

      To be still more pedantic, U+FFFE is part of the Unicode range, where it
      is listed as "Not a character", i.e., it is one of the "forbidden"
      codepoints which are "in range". (The "original" Unicode range as still
      supported by Vim for UTF-8, UTF-32be and UTF-32le, used to be from
      U+0000 to U+7FFFFFFF. The Unicode Consortium later invalidated, among
      others, (a) all planes above plane 0x10, and (b) the last two codepoints
      U+xxFFFE and U+xxFFFF in every plane, which brings the highest "valid"
      codepoint down to U+10FFFD at most.)

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