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Re: Problem reloading a UTF-8 file

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  • Steve Gardner
    ... Oh dear. At some point I must learn how to count to three. I shall rename the Notepad step Step 2a . ... I tried this on Windows with GVim 7.2b and on
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 16, 2008
      Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      > On 15/07/08 21:22, Steve Gardner wrote:
      >> Hello,
      >> GVim seems to have a problem when reloading a UTF-8 text file after it
      >> has been changed by another application. The problem occurs with GVim
      >> versions 7.1 and 7.2 beta on Windows XP. The steps to reproduce the
      >> problem on Windows are:
      >> 1) Create a UTF-8 text file, starting with byte order mark EF-BB-BF.
      >> 2) Open the file in GVim.
      >> 2) While the file is open in GVim, make a change to the same file in
      >> another editor (e.g. use Notepad to append a character).
      Oh dear. At some point I must learn how to count to three.
      I shall rename the Notepad step "Step 2a".
      >> 3) Switch back to GVim. The warning "W11: Warning: File "\file.txt"
      >> has changed since editing started. See ":help W11" for more info." appears.
      >> 4) Click "Load File" in the warning dialog box. The message
      >> "[CONVERSION ERROR in line 1]" appears at the bottom and an inverted
      >> question mark character appears at the start of the text.
      >> If you then save the file from GVim, the byte order mark changes from
      >> EF-BB-BF to C2-BF , which appears as spurious characters in GVim or
      >> other editors.
      >> I hope this is useful.
      >> Best regards
      >> Steve Gardner
      > - With another instance of gvim (in 'noswapfile' mode) the BOM is not
      > changed; reload clears the 'bomb' option and starts a first line
      > starting with <feff> (an explicit UTF-8 BOM); then ":e" sets 'bomb'
      > again and the <feff> header disappears from the display.
      I tried this on Windows with GVim 7.2b and on Linux with GVim 7.1. On
      Linux, it did what you described, but on Windows it did not: I got the
      same problem as I reported.
      > - With kedit the BOM is removed (by kedit), otherwise no error.
      > Try the following:
      > 1. Create (with gvim) a UTF-8 file with BOM, then close the file.
      > 2. Edit the file in Netscape while gvim is not running, then close Netscape.
      > 3. Open the file in gvim.
      > 4.
      > :setl fenc? bomb?
      > What are the answers at step 4? Has by any chance the 'fileencoding'
      > been changed?
      > Best regards,
      > Tony.

      I have followed your steps 1-4 (but with Notepad instead of Netscape)
      and the reply from ":setl fenc? bomb?" was:
      Notepad didn't change the BOM (I have also checked this with a binary
      file viewer).
      I have also reproduced the original problem replacing my step "2a" with
      a DOS copy command, overwriting the file with another carrying the same
      BOM (but with different text).

      I cannot make the problem happen on Linux though.

      Best regards

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