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Re: hangulinput option with UTF-8 locale

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  • Kiwon Um
    Thanks for your answer. On 6¿ù20ÀÏ, ¿ÀÀü1½Ã25ºÐ, Tony Mechelynck ... That s about how the Korean keys are aligned on
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 22, 2008
      Thanks for your answer.

      On 6월20일, 오전1시25분, Tony Mechelynck <antoine.mechely...@...>
      > On 19/06/08 06:34,KiwonUm wrote:
      > > Hello there.
      > > Because of some problems with XIM, I checked the hangulinput option.
      > > But it doesn't seem to work well with UTF-8 locale.
      > > Is there anyway to use this option with UTF-8 locale without changing
      > > it to EUC-KR?
      > > Thanks.
      > I don't understand ":help hangulin.txt" very well. For instance, I still
      > don't understand what "2 bulsik" and "3 bulsik" refer to.

      That's about how the Korean keys are aligned on the keyboard.
      Generally, almost all Korean, except some special(?) guys, uses 2
      bulsik keyboard now. :)

      > AFAICT (comparing that helpfile with what is said in mbyte.txt),
      > +hangul_input requires euc-kr, "korea" or maybe cp949 input, and it
      > seems that the module author is not going to add new features. Anyway,
      > as (IIUC) +hangul_input is not compatible with +gui_gtk2 (maybe because
      > the latter uses exclusively UTF-8 when running in GUI mode), I cannot
      > test it.

      Unfortunate fact.... only euc-kr.. I wondered if there is any way to
      support utf-8 locale.

      > Maybe you can try another XIM flavour (seehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_input_methods_for_UNIX_platforms)?
      > Or another mode of operation? Note that of the four possible modes,
      > On-the-Spot is _not_ supported by gvim (see ":help xim-input-style").

      Actually my problem was from latex-vim with scim, not between vim and
      scim. I reported this issue into vim_use.
      Thanks again.

      Best regards,
      Kiwon Um.

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