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Re: keymap problem, mapping '2' and '6' to Char

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... The macatsui option exists only in Mac GUI versions and may become obsolete in the future . Therefore, you should check for it before using it, e.g.: if
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 5, 2007
      Kenneth Beesley wrote:
      > Nico,
      > Background: I'm running OS X version 10.4.10
      > I just installed the latest MacVim and tried it with a version of
      > DejaVuSansMono.ttf, augmented
      > with (monowidth) glyphs, the same width as the original
      > DejaVuSansMono.ttf glyphs,
      > for the Deseret Alphabet block (U+10400). It doesn't seem to work
      > for me. When I select my
      > Deseret Alphabet keymap and try to type Deseret Alphabet, I see
      > pseudo glyphs in boxes
      > rendered on the screen.
      > Yesterday I downloaded, via svn, 7.1.135 and got it compiled and
      > running on OS X.
      > I also got 7.1.135 running on Red Hat Linux. These seem to work
      > better, for my Deseret
      > Alphabet editing, than MacVim, using the augmented version of
      > DejaVuSansMono.ttf.
      > Not perfect yet, but better.
      > I see the keymap problem (involving digits on the left-hand-side of
      > mappings) on both
      > platforms with 7.1.135, and with MacVim. I'm confused to see your
      > report that it works
      > for you in the latest version of MacVim.
      > When using MacVim, it complained about setting 'macatsui' in
      > my .gvimrc file. It also complained
      > about setting 'nomacatsui'. So I took out both for the tests.
      > Would you consider sharing your
      > .gvimrc file--perhaps there's something in there that makes it work
      > better with MacVim.
      > Ken

      The 'macatsui' option exists only in Mac GUI versions and "may become obsolete
      in the future". Therefore, you should check for it before using it, e.g.:

      if exists('+macatsui')
      set nomacatsui

      (When the option is present, it defaults to TRUE according to ":help 'macatsui'".)

      Best regards,
      Slowly and surely the unix crept up on the Nintendo user ...

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