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[vim-multibyte] Re: vim56-33: GUI multibyte patch (doc patch)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Well, we could keep both guifont and guifontset , and make them point to the same variable. Sort of an alias. Thus the option that was set last will
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 6, 2000
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      Katsuhito Nagano wrote:

      > > > IMO, if you think we should make vim more user friendly, we should
      > > > delete guifontset option, and integrate it to guifont....
      > > >
      > > > Can we do this ?
      > >
      > > If it's possible to do this with one option instead of two, that looks
      > > like a good solution. Would be easier for the user, right? But perhaps
      > > there is a reason why it is not possible? Is there a situation where both
      > > 'guifont' and 'guifontset' are required?
      > On technically, it is not so problem. I have seen many i18n/l10n patches in
      > other program do like this.
      > However since, at now, vim supports many platform and environment, I'm afraid
      > that deleting option affects to code for them.(in addition, the changes may
      > have to do at once.)
      > At least, I can not do that for all platform/environment.
      > This is only problem of coding power.

      Well, we could keep both 'guifont' and 'guifontset', and make them point to
      the same variable. Sort of an alias. Thus the option that was set last will
      be used. I tried quickly going through the code to see if this doesn't
      conflict with how it works now, but it's too complicated to tell if this
      doesn't cause any backwards compatibility problems.

      Is it true that when 'guifontset' is set, 'guifont' isn't used? Then it
      should be possible to make 'guifontset' an alias for 'guifont, and use a
      detection mechanism (checking for a comma) to see if it's a fontset.

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