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Re: undo/redo mess with version 7.0 and utf-8 text

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Most of the variables involved aren t properly explained, thus I can t oversee what happens here. I ll assume your fix is right and doesn t cause trouble
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 28, 2006
      Yukihiro Nakadaira wrote:

      > This is old subject but I think this report might help someone.
      > When using GTK2 GUI and XIM and GTK_IM_MODULE=scim, one undo command undoes
      > several insert command because undo sequence is not broken. And also it
      > causes error E438. This is because ...
      > 1. scim doesn't invoke im_preedit_start_cb() and im_preedit_end_cb(), so the
      > xim_has_preediting can be reset in im_preedit_changed_cb() only.
      > 2. To delete preedit, scim invoke im_preedit_changed_cb() with empty
      > preedit string only one time. But at the time preedit_start_col is not
      > MAXCOL and xim_is_preediting is not reset.
      > Therefore xim_is_preediting is always TRUE and undo sequence is not broken
      > (u_sync() is canceled).
      > This problem can be avoided to use OverTheSpot instead of OnTheSpot (this
      > can be set with scim-setup), or to set environment variables,
      > GTK_IM_MODULE=xim and XMODIFIERS=@im=SCIM, or to use the following
      > patch. The code around there was added at 6.2.451. I don't
      > understand why checking if preedit_start_col is MAXCOL. I think that
      > the line can be removed.

      Most of the variables involved aren't properly explained, thus I can't
      oversee what happens here. I'll assume your fix is right and doesn't
      cause trouble for someone with another setup.

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