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[vim-multibyte] Re: PATCH: Fix for bold characters spilling over left side in GUI.

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Very good. Now it s up to the others to check out this version of the patch. ... Agree. ... I suppose it could be char_needs_redraw , since it s checking
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 27, 2000
      Robert Webb wrote:

      > I have attached a new patch, to be applied to the original screen.c,
      > which includes both of Chong-Dae Park's patches. I have also made the
      > new fix for bold fonts only take place in the GUI, not in xterm as
      > well, as per Bram's request.

      Very good. Now it's up to the others to check out this version of the patch.

      > I also renamed a few things:
      > update_this --> redraw_this
      > update_next --> redraw_next
      > is_needs_update --> needs_redraw
      > I think "redraw" is a more specific description of the action required
      > than "update", and "needs_redraw" just reads better.


      > I still think that function could do with a longer more descriptive name
      > though. "needs_redraw" is a very general description, but I guess it'll do.

      I suppose it could be "char_needs_redraw", since it's checking only one

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