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[vim-multibyte] Re: [Bug] "yl" command doesn't yank 1 multibyte-char at the end of line.

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  • Takuhiro Nishioka
    ... [...] ... Thanks! It worked fine. -- Takuhiro Nishioka mailto:takuhiro@super.win.ne.jp
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 21, 2000
      Taro Muraoka wrote:
      > I made a patch for this.
      > Problem: When cursor is at the end of line and the character under
      > cursor is a multibyte character. "yl" doesn't yank 1
      > multibyte-char.
      > Solution: Change to recognize a last multibyte-char correctly in
      > oneright() function.
      > Files: src/edit.c


      It worked fine.

      Takuhiro Nishioka mailto:takuhiro@...
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