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[vim-multibyte] Re: Screen is scrolled up by FEP.

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  • Yasuhiro Matsumoto
    ... Yes, many programs have this problems. X-( This is a reason that many competent programs can t distribute to multi-byte user. ( A few programs support some
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 17, 2000
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      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Hmm, if it is impossible to detect entering/leaving FEP, many programs must
      > have problems with FEP scrolling up the screen one line! Perhaps there is
      > some other solution.

      Yes, many programs have this problems. X-(
      This is a reason that many competent programs can't distribute to
      multi-byte user.
      ( A few programs support some FEP. )

      > It might help if you can direct us to an explanation of how FEP works (in
      > English please!).

      FEP help multi-byte user when inputing multi-byte. This is indispensable
      multi-byte user. For example, The path name of 'Windows-Desktop' is ...

      C:\Winnt\Profiles\.....\Desktop ( May be )

      But multi-byte user's it is not 'Desktop'. It have multi-byte character.
      So if I want to change directory 'Desktop' on console, I must use FEP.

      On my environment, FEP is entered with key 'Alt-Kanji'. ( 106keyboard )
      It is left with same key. But there is a few FEP used different key.

      When entering FEP, it show guide of FEP. Then most FEP use a bottom
      ( Some FEP may not use... )
      When entering FEP, If I type some keys, then it show temporary
      After editing some temporary words and type 'Enter', FEP playback my
      While entering FEP, it use a bottom line for showing the status of FEP.

      If I move cursor to bottom line and enter FEP on console, it make force
      scrolling the screen up one line for showing guide. But FEP don't put
      when leaving.
      FEP is made by maker with unique method. So it have no limitation. and
      there is
      no common specifications.
      Certainly there is controler for some FEP, but it is a only that working

      Still more, there is different between 'DOS console' and 'Win32
      DOS must screen size '80x25'. So guide on DOS use line 25 always. So if
      cursor is
      located at line 25, the screen scroll up with entering FEP.
      Against it, guide on Win32 use bottom line of console window. In short,
      FEP show
      guide at bottom of visible area.
      So if cursor is not located at bottom line of console and is located at
      bottom line
      of visible area, It is not happen. FEP make visible area scroll only.
      In other words, if reserving a bottom line for guide, the screen don't
      scroll up
      with entering FEP.

      This is a reason that I reserve a bottom line.

      Sorry, I cound not write english well. X-(

      > > Many FEP's guide efect screen(or terminal, window) directly.
      > > But 'MS-DOS's it efect screen-buffer( bottom line ).
      > Hmm, perhaps it's a bug in FEP?

      This is a unique method by FEP maker.
      ( This may be a method by Microsoft )

      > > > That would be possible, but it's better when it works for everybody without
      > > > the need to dig around in the code and docs to find out about this #define.
      > >
      > > How about this ?
      > >
      > > nmake -f Makefile.w32 FEP=yes
      > > --> Console version with FEP
      > Still has the problem that the person compiling Vim has to know about this
      > argument. And people using the distributed executable won't be able to do
      > this. It's only a solution for a small group of people who know what they are
      > doing (like you).

      I understand.
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