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[vim-multibyte] Re: Illegal match at multibyte trail

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Thanks for checking. I have included these fixes. I didn t include the one for the regexp code yet, I ll do that later. IsLeadByte() isn t high cost, but
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 16, 2000
      Taro Muraoka wrote:

      > It works very good. Thank you Bram for fix.
      > First two locations were made by me Taro Muraoka. And I had forgot to think
      > about 8-bit character. Second two were originated by other. He probably
      > thought IsLeadByte() is very high cost and this code is not needed for UNIX's
      > encoding EUC. Multibyte of EUC consist of 0x80-0xFF, but multibyte of
      > Shift-JIS consist of 0x40-0xFF.

      Thanks for checking. I have included these fixes. I didn't include the one
      for the regexp code yet, I'll do that later.

      IsLeadByte() isn't high cost, but IsTrailByte() is, because it starts looking
      at the start of the string.

      This multi-byte code is really two-byte code. For Vim 6.0 we will have to
      change it all drastically to support UTF-8. Perhaps the multi-byte codes that
      are supported until now can be converted to UTF-8? The main advantage will be
      that you can edit two buffers with different encoding at the same time.

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