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More runtime files available et al.

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    A collection of items this time. NEW ITEM TO VOTE ON Upon request I have added one item to vote on: add autocommand events for Insert mode, before/after
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2004
      A collection of items this time.


      Upon request I have added one item to vote on:

      add autocommand events for Insert mode, before/after inserting a character

      I also corrected the description for improving Mac OS 9. Don't know how
      it became corrupted, hopefully this doesn't happen again.

      More info about voting can be found here:


      I have made the most recent message translations available on the ftp
      site. Like the runtime files, you can run an Aap script to download
      them. Or just get the one you need. Info is here:
      Note that you must have the gettext tools to be able to use these files.


      Updating the runtime files on Dos/MS-Windows systems had the
      disadvantage that all files were downloaded with a unix fileformat.
      The dos version of the files are now also available, and the Aap script
      has been adjusted to automatically select the filetype to use. This
      works by checking the filetype.vim file, thus make sure that file has
      the right fileformat for you. Info is here:

      You can download the dos runtime files directly from:


      The Vim maillists were down on Sunday and Monday morning. The
      connection to the maillist server was broken. No messages should be
      lost, the backup mail server did its work. But messages were not
      distributed until the maillist server was back online. Thanks to the
      people at math.fu-berlin.de for fixing the problem!


      There is a very busy virus/worm active now. Although my system won't be
      affected, the number of messages I receive is so big that I can hardly
      manage to keep up with downloading them from my mail server. A few
      messages might get lost in the masses (I already got more than 10000).

      - If you have an MS-Windows system, you MUST have a virus scanner and
      update it daily. There are too many ways to catch a virus or worm
      now. Don't think it won't harm you.

      - If you maintain a mail server, please install a virus filter. And set
      it up so that it won't bounce a message back (the From address is
      mostly fake, it will just generate more traffic and tell innocent
      people that their system is infected).

      - If you wrote that virus, please report to the nearest police station
      and go to jail.

      If you don't get everything you want, think of
      everything you didn't get and don't want.

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