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957Re: FriBidi

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 30, 2003
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      Behnam Esfahbod wrote:

      > > Oh, if you have written code yourself and are willing to let me include
      > > it with Vim under the Vim license, then that part is taken care of.
      > > Note that the Vim license is very close to the GPL, mostly a bit more
      > > free.

      > I forgot to say that now FriBidi is a GNU Project and the GNU
      > implementation of Unicode BiDi algorithm. So I don't know that we can use
      > it in another license, or cannot.
      > If not, I think we must use FriBidi to start and make our work on GPL,
      > then make a non-GPL library for the main code.

      If you wrote the code, then you can distribute it under several
      licenses. The GPL doesn't mention this, but in discussions about making
      the Vim license GPL compatible this became clear. Thus when you
      distribute your software under the GPL, you can _also_ distribute it
      under another license. You can even sell it and keep parts of the code
      secret (not that this is a logical thing to do).

      Thus you can give me permission to include the code with Vim under the
      Vim license. That doesn't change what happens with the same code under
      the GPL.

      > We think the most important parts are:
      > - BiDi alg. for view, and edit;
      > - Making Cursor work on Bidi (in both Logical and Vitual modes);
      > - Normalization and Search Tools;

      That sounds very useful, and at the same time quite complicated to
      implement. The relation between text in the buffer and the cursor
      position will no longer be that simple. But since we already have to
      take care of the 'rightleft' option, we don't have to start from

      > As someone said in freenode.net/#vim, Vim uses bash-tools for filtering,
      > (i.e. GNU sort for sort filter) and so we don't need to do anything for
      > this. :)

      You can always use external tools if they are available. But it's slow
      for normal editing.

      > But ASAP we will update farsi.c for new ISIRI Persian Keyboard Standard
      > and Unicode. (in about a week)

      Is this really useful? Until now I thought this code was a dead end.

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