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935Wrong characters count when using utf-8

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  • Valery Kondakoff
    May 27, 2003
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      Hello, VIM-developers!

      Excuse me for bothering you again, but 'wrong character count when
      using utf-8' issue is still reproducible in all the latest Gvim
      (including 6.2f). Any comments? Do you think this issue is not

      There is my initial message:

      > It seems setting encoding to utf-8 breaks Gvim character counting.
      > (Gvim 6.2c, WinXP Pro). There is an example: I created simple text
      > file 'count.txt' (ff=dos). This file is 434 bytes long.
      > When I load this file with 'encoding=utf-8' commented out in my
      > 'vimrc' I see the following text on command line pannel: "count.txt"
      > 1L, 434C. But if I uncomment the 'encoding=utf-8' line the output will
      > be: "count.txt" [converted] 1L, 441C.
      > As far as I understand the character count is _not_ changed when
      > converting, but wrong character count is displayed. And if I perform
      > this action: '0v$' I will see the number '439' in the lower right Gvim
      > corner. Another wrong value?
      > I'm receiving the same result if I use 'WC.vim' script from vim.org
      > ('441 bytes' - two line ending bytes are added):
      > function WC() range
      > echo line2byte(a:lastline+1)-line2byte(a:firstline) . " bytes"
      > endfunction
      > Can you help me understand what's wrong there?
      > Thank you. You can download the file in question to test the issue
      > ( http://www.nbk.orc.ru/temp/count.txt ). This file is in latin1
      > encoding.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Valery Kondakoff
      http://www.nbk.orc.ru (Ne Bey Kopytom)
      http://www.nbk.orc.ru/mtb (MTB riding in Moscow)

      PGP key: mailto:pgp-public-keys@...?subject=GET%20strauss@...

      np: Anthony Rother - Dude On The Street (Unknown) [stopped]
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