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882Re: Problem with printing files (:hardcopy)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 3, 2003
      Valery Kondakoff wrote:

      > Thursday, April 3, 2003, you wrote to me:
      > >> 2 Bram: do I need to perform some additional testing to make the
      > >> problem clear? How can I help you with this?
      > BM> Are you sure you are not using a multi-byte encoding? The printing only
      > BM> works for 8 bit encodings.
      > Excuse, pls, my ignorance: I'm not sure I understand the difference
      > between 8 bit and multi-byte encodings. The texts, that I'm trying to
      > print are in cp1251 encoding. Is it '8 bit' or 'multy-byte' encoding?

      It's an 8 bit encoding. But I assume your 'encoding' is utf-8, which
      is what matters.

      Printing utf-8 is somewhere on the todo list, but it's not easy to
      implement. Limited support for conversion from 'encoding' to
      'fileencoding' was suggested. Don't expect it soon...

      > Help says that "multi-byte" characters are replaced with spaces when
      > printing. And each Russian character in cp1251 encoding is replaced
      > with two another (non-blank) characters.

      Strange, it appears to work correctly for me.

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