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877Problem with printing files (:hardcopy)

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  • Valery Kondakoff
    Apr 1, 2003
      Hello, Tony!

      Tuesday, April 1, 2003, you wrote to me:

      >> Today I tried to print a text, containing Russian characters from
      >> GVIM using ':hardcopy' command and all the Russian charecters were
      >> printed as garbage - exactly as they were pasted to/from system
      >> clipboard before applying recent clipboard patch.

      TM> Maybe you should set the 'printfont' option to some font that has the glyphs
      TM> you want to print. (The default, it is said, is Courier:h10). Or else it
      TM> could be something overlooked in the CF_TEXT vs CF_UNICODETEXT programming.

      Thank you for a suggestion. Unfortunately, setting 'prinfont' option
      does not help. It successfully changes the font, but native characters
      are still not printed correctly.

      I think this is a bug, because when printed, each Russian letter is
      replaced with _two_ "garbage" characters. So - this seems to be
      character conversion error, and not just missing glyphs.

      2 Bram: do I need to perform some additional testing to make the
      problem clear? How can I help you with this?

      Best regards,
      Valery Kondakoff
      http://www.nbk.orc.ru (Ne Bey Kopytom)
      http://www.nbk.orc.ru/mtb (MTB riding in Moscow)

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