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827Wrong encoding when copying to/from Clipboard in the newest builds

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  • Valery Kondakoff
    Mar 13, 2003
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      Hello, Glenn!

      13 марта 2003 г., you wrote to me:

      >> I don't know what's wrong. Glenn? Ron?

      GM> I don't know the full implications of Vim without the current clipboard
      GM> patch, so I'd like him to apply it (and recheck the problems) before I
      GM> try troubleshooting anything.

      I have found a link to patched GVIM, that you send in one of the
      previous messages. Today I downloaded it. There is a report: it seems,
      this patch fixes my problem with garbage encodings. At least there are
      no clipboard-related encoding problems in this build.

      But it introduces another problem: when copying _from_ another app to
      GVIM the last character of clipboard contents is _not_ copied to GVIM.

      There is an example: I'm copying a string '1234' from Notepad. After
      pasting in GVIM ("*p) it will be truncated to '123'.

      The last character is not truncated, when pasting from GVIM to
      Notepad. (WinXP Pro).


      Best regards,
      Valery Kondakoff
      http://www.nbk.orc.ru (Ne Bey Kopytom)
      http://www.nbk.orc.ru/mtb (MTB riding in Moscow)

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