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817Re: clipboard for win9x

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  • Glenn Maynard
    Mar 12, 2003
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      On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 04:16:53PM -0500, Glenn Maynard wrote:
      > Try it in reverse; copy them (again one at a line) from Notepad and Word
      > back to Vim.

      Here's one problem I've found--not due to the patch, but related: if we
      ever get text from CF_TEXT, it'll be in the ANSI codepage, and we need
      to convert it to p_enc. On NT, we never use CF_TEXT, since it'll
      synthesize CF_UNICODETEXT for us.

      So, do we ever get CF_TEXT in 95? The recent Notepad problems seem to
      indicate that we do. Can someone confirm this by copying "Latín tëxt"
      into Vim on a 95 box with "encoding" set to UTF-8? I expect that
      you'll see "Lat<ed>n t<eb>xt". (You don't need this patch to test this,
      just CVS, though I'm still looking for someone to test it in 95.)

      Glenn Maynard
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