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816Re: Wrong encoding when copying to/from Clipboard in the newest builds

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  • Glenn Maynard
    Mar 12, 2003
      From: Valery Kondakoff <strauss@...>
      To: Glenn Maynard <vim-multibyte@...>

      Could you please tell your mailer not to put my name on the mailing list
      address? It's wrong and extremely confusing.

      On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 12:48:46AM +0300, Valery Kondakoff wrote:
      > No. I just downloaded Win32 build with the latest patches applied
      > (http://www.unb.ca/chem/ajit/vim.htm). BTW - as far as I understand
      > the reported problem is not related to UTF-8, because text is copied
      > in cp1251. Am I wrong?

      Er, it's a general clipboard fix, not just UTF-8; without it, it'll put
      text on the clipboard in the wrong encoding in some cases.

      I'd rather not start troubleshooting the clipboard code as it was before
      this patch, since I have to worry about whether the problem you're having
      happens to be fixed by the patch.

      Glenn Maynard
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