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806Re: clipboard for win9x

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  • Glenn Maynard
    Mar 6, 2003
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      On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 08:35:02AM -0800, Ron Aaron wrote:
      > Highlight the text in Word and paste into vim ... do you see the text correctly? (yes)
      > Highlight the text in Notepad and paste into vim ... do you see the text correctly? (depends...)
      > yank again from vim to the clipboard and paste back into vim -- is the text correct? (it better be)

      Substituting Japanese for Hebrew and/or Greek here, all of this worked
      for me already, with only CF_UNICODETEXT being set. The only apparent
      problem was that (contrary to MS's docs) CF_U isn't actually supported
      in 9x (and apparently ME), so copying didn't work correctly there.

      > The correct thing to do is to make sure the CF_UNICODE is correct always, and the CF_TEXT is ANSI so Windows doesn't muck with it. When we have multiple languages in the text and try to ANSIfy it, we will have a problem ... but there is nothing to do about it.

      This is what my patch already does, except that it doesn't set
      CF_UNICODETEXT if CF_TEXT is lossless (which it would not be in
      the above cases). Have you tried it?

      I've found one bug related to transliteration (copy "ı" out of Vim and
      you'll always get "i"); I've fixed this, but I'm not going to send this
      out just yet, since I havn't been awake long enough. Once I have that
      tested more and posted, I'll put together a small test set for people to try.

      Also, the same conversion (ACP to wide char to p_enc) *may* need to be
      done when pasting into Vim, too. I'll include a test for this in the
      test set (so we don't waste time on it if it's not needed).

      > I suggest making the smallest possible change, and testing it on Me and XP (or equivalent systems) before sending out a patch.

      Feel free to donate such systems. :) A better (practical) approach is
      for me to write the code, test it as best I can, and then post it to the
      appropriate mailing list(s) so people on other systems can test it, which
      is what I do. (I only have 2k machines.)

      Have you tested the patch? You seem to be criticising something, but I don't
      know what; it's intended to do almost exactly what you're saying it should do.

      Glenn Maynard
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