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803Re: clipboard for win9x

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  • Glenn Maynard
    Mar 6, 2003
      On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 11:18:08AM +0100, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > You mean that when CF_TEXT is set it will be used and the text from
      > CF_UNICODETEXT will not be used? That is indeed not good at all.

      Some apps request CF_TEXT, and some request CF_UNICODETEXT. If the
      exact type requested is there, Windows uses it directly. Otherwise,
      it "synthesizes" it from another convertable type.

      Also, we want CF_TEXT to be correct anyway for the case where
      CF_UNICODETEXT isn't supported (9x, apparently, despite MS's

      > The idea looks good to me, but this really needs to be tested to make
      > sure it works. Especially on Windows 95.

      Right; I can't do that, so I post it to the list and hope someone else
      does. :)

      > OE problem? Wasn't that the problem that was identified as a problem
      > with OE itself?

      Even if it's an OE problem, if it's something we're triggering that we
      can fix, we should, at least if it occurs on more than one person's
      system and the fix isn't overly heinous (and there's no workaround
      available, such as upgrading OE).

      However, if nobody else can reproduce it, there's not much I can do, so
      I won't worry about it.

      Glenn Maynard
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