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795financial report ICCF Holland

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 11, 2003
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      Financial Report

      As you all know, Vim users are asked to help needy children in Uganda.
      Most of the donations and sponsorships are handled by the ICCF Holland
      foundation. The financial report for 2002 is now available.

      I'm glad to see that we have been able to send more money to Uganda than
      before. Especially now that most of the donations from Germany go
      through MISEREOR and don't show up in our balance. This means the
      school and the clinic have been able to help about 50% more children
      with help of Vim users.

      It's also very good to see we have managed to keep the costs below 1%.
      Thus we have sent over 99% of the money to Uganda. Compare that to
      other organisations that do child sponsoring!

      You can find the financial report here:



      Part of the money is coming from Amazon. Not only from sales of the Vim
      book (up to 15% of the sales) but also any other item ordered at Amazon
      through our links. In 2002 we have received about $700 this way.
      Thanks to all who helped making this possible!

      Please consider using the links on the ICCF pages if you buy something
      at Amazon USA, Canada, UK, DE or FR. Then ICCF Holland gets between 5%
      and 15% of the sales and it doesn't cost you anything!


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      198. You read all the quotes at Netaholics Anonymous and keep thinking
      "What's wrong with that?"

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