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776Re: Please add "big5-hkscs" charset support to vim

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Dec 28, 2002
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      Anthony Fok wrote:

      > Since we'd like to enter Big5-HKSCS Chinese characters in vim (with the
      > zh_HK.Big5-HKSCS locale), please apply the attached patch. :-) It has been
      > tested to work under GNU/Linux.
      > I am not sure whether big5-hkscs is considered as "cp950" or "cp951" on
      > Windows. If any of you know, perhaps you can add more aliases to
      > mbyte.c. Thanks again!

      You are using DBCS_CHT for "big5-hkscs". That's Chinese-Taiwan. Are
      you sure this is exactly the same as "big5-hkscs" (Hong Kong?)?

      I suspect that "big5" and "big5-hkscs" are slightly different, otherwise
      there would not be a different name. Handling it mostly like big5 might
      mostly work, but cause subtle problems in some cases. Isn't there a
      better solution?

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